10 top brands getting us through lockdown

June 28, 2020

Throughout lockdown, there have been a number of brands that have helped to keep us busy, positive, inspired and entertained. Those that remain a key source of happiness as restrictions ease, we plan to bring with us into the “new world” and make part of our daily lives going forward. From fitness, food and fashion to those that make our life a little easier in these hard times, here are 10 of those brands that the Siren team has personally been loving.


1. Ocado

Home-delivered groceries for those items sold out in our local supermarkets (we’re looking at you flour!). Since lockdown began, Team Siren have been getting well-acquainted with our kitchens and baking all kinds of goodies – you can read about some of them in our blog post here



2. Headspace

Annie: "Sitting in the sun and meditating each day has been a blessing for my mental health during the lockdown and helped me to switch off once a day from the uncertain times surrounding us"
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3. H&M Home

There’s nothing like being locked indoors to make you ‘nest’ like crazy and what’s better than fair-priced beautiful homewares to inspire a lockdown home makeover!



4. Sweaty Betty

Katie:"Sweaty Betty’s free workouts online have been keeping me active. The classes are at really useful times and are consistently great, with a good range of workouts.
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5. Turo

Turo is like Airbnb for cars, which is great for those of us who don’t have access to our own vehicle and would like to see and enjoy a little more of England in the sunshine now restrictions have eased… especially for those of us that don’t live within walking distance of the beach!



6. Wine App


Maddy: "My local stores started closing early when lockdown kicked in, so the Wine app became our saviour in replace of the evening off-licence run."



7. Lonely Planet travel guides

When something is taken away from you, it only makes you want it more! Time spent in lockdown is time spent researching every possible travel adventure that awaits once safe to do so again. These guides are loaded with travel inspiration and filled with tips and tricks for travelling to a destination on your own.


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8. REN Skincare

Dimitra: "REN Skincare has some great value bundles for home pampering, relaxing and taking care of your skin."


9. The Sims 4

Discounted right at the start of lockdown (genius!), The Sims is something most of us haven’t enjoyed for years! It’s an easy way to pass the time and very, very nostalgic for many of our Sirens. We’ve enjoyed living a virtual life that seems strangely more realistic than lockdown life and now that restrictions are easing, our Sims like to visit the park just as much as we do!



10. Bone Daddies

Stacey: "Bone Daddies for sharing their delicious recipes… particularly the Korean wings! Lots of our favourite restaurants have been sharing their signature recipes, so if we can’t get in, or get take out we’ll try to recreate them…try!"

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We couldn't fail to mention, along with these brands, the amazing NHS and our key workers  who have kept us going through lockdown and continue to now with their efforts, long hours and hard work. Thank you for keeping us going.