Are you ready for 2022?

December 30, 2021

With costs rising, continued turbulence expected economically, politically, and environmentally, we are predicting a generally stormy and turbulent outlook on all fronts. It's tough all around and the reality is that's likely to continue into Q2 or even Q3 of 2022. Navigating a business isn't easy in usual times, navigating it right now is particularly hard. BUT it’s possible, as we continue to prove every day.

The general mantra for Siren and our advice to clients is that we need to continue to be planning, whilst remaining flexible enough to be ready for change. That’s hard in the usual norms of running a business and in effect, it's where more independent, entrepreneurially minded organisations are winning out.

So, what’s our best advice for getting the most from your comms budget as we plan into 2022?

  1. Partner with a team that will act as an extension of your business. A team that shares your values; passions and interests and one who you respect and enjoy working with. That’s of course the easy bit – especially when you are reading this from Siren Comms. Check out what some of our clients have said!

  2. Start with the end in mind. What do you need from your business's comms in 2022? Sales, leads, headlines or moving perceptions and opinions, or a simple move upwards in natural search and in search rankings? Your comms plan should be all about supporting whatever this objective is.

  3. Review what has really worked to meet your commercial/comms objectives. Whilst we are fans of doing this constantly, it's more important now than ever to do this as a consistent discipline with everything changing so rapidly. Then, as perhaps THE most important piece of any plan as we step into 2022, audit and evaluate every activity to understand what it delivered and how to improve and strengthen it. In essence, understand it, improve it, and do it again. Do more of what's working.

  4. Plan for flexibility. Make a plan and then be ready to change it – fast. Working in reputation management, we are used to changing plans rapidly and thinking around what risks come with the plan. Having a backup in place helps everyone to deliver confidently and sleep well, whilst knowing you are prepared for continuity of business comms regardless of the outcome.

  5. Keep listening and talking to your network. Gather information, market intelligence and knowledge that will fuel your own comms and marketing insight and help you find the golden nuggets that can become the foundations for a creative campaign strategy or message. Keep monitoring the conversations around your business, on- and offline. They are essential to building forward.


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Here at Siren, we can help you to…
  • Comms plan – We can provide one-off or ongoing comms planning services to support your business plan, message and channels by quarter.
  • Campaign development – We can take an insight, a business challenge or reputational issue and brainstorm internally and across agencies to create a campaign platform and plan to meet your objectives
  • Implementation – We are able to run a plan, 360, or to integrate with other incumbent agencies
  • Audit your social feeds, online conversations, and competitor brands to see where you can define a space and own a differentiation message.
  • Research key media and influencers to develop ownable content that will play to their feeds.
  • Review, improve and shape the effectiveness of ongoing plans

    We can act as an extension of any team for social media management, content creation, paid and organic and support busy press offices in times of good news and less good news


In short – for anything comms, PR, media, social or marketing-led, we can support you in creating an approach to deliver strong ROI and business resultsget in touch.