Phoebe's Back Yard Adventures

November 05, 2020




Ahhhh, the Summer of 2020 - one we are never going to forget! Exotic holidays were out, and rainy staycations were in.

My summer involved a large helping of home city tourism to dodge my sister’s patisserie perfecting techniques and inspired by lockdown favourite board game “The Great Game of Britain”, I travelled up and down the country several times.



Spending a summer in London...

...meant new cycling and on foot discoveries outside my SW bubble. I had several wonderful ganders up to Queen’s Park, along the canal to Little Venice. Wonderful London gems new to me included the delight of having an Aperol inside the Barbican Greenhouse surrounded by exotic plants and the Gothic beauty of Abney Park Cemetery, near Stoke Newington. I have loved the feeling of London coming together in the last six months, everyone looking out for each other and being creative in overcoming issues such as takeaway pints and frequenting your favourite local spots!


The joys of the LNER train

Secondly, a journey back to York, my uni town, to relive the joys and go ham on the Yorkshire puddings! Obviously biased but strongly believe it is the most beautiful city, there is nothing quite like the impressive Minster, a pub for every day of the year or the Shambles which allegedly inspired Diagon Alley and has not one but four Harry Potter Shops! In the last couple of years, it has impressively modernised for such a historic city, launching the Indie York Scheme, with 65% of the shops and restaurants now being independent, so you can always stumble across a unique find.




An extended visit to North Somerset

Thirdly, a visit to see my boyfriend who’d gone back to his West Country roots. An extensive tour of his local area included a four-hour hike through Cheddar Gorge obviously making a trip to Cheddar Gorge Cheese! Which as it turns out, I wasn’t the first Siren to visit this summer. Next on the list was iconic Glastonbury, home of the weird and wonderful for a browse around the crystal shops. Finally, into Bristol, for a Banksy walking tour – I would totally recommend it as a way of seeing the city and taking in some iconic art. I particularly enjoyed his covering of some of his graffiti with a facemask, very topical!




Family bonding in the Highlands

Finally, some wonderful family time in the Highlands, staying next to Loch Ness as opposed to the usual sun-seeking. We arrived just as the weather turned and Scotland clamped down, so spent a drizzly couple of days alternating between failed trout fishing, family disputes over board games, and walks – but alas no sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. The 10-hour drive on the way back flew by with a supply of Percy Pigs and I was ready and well-rested to start my new role at Siren.




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