Best campaigns from lifestyle brands during COVID

July 20, 2020

Inspired by our blog post 10 top brands getting us through lockdown’, we decided to dig deeper and highlight the top lifestyle brands that caught our eye during lockdown.


The way we interact with brands has undoubtedly changed and took the retail space online. This accelerated shift to digital, changed the way we interact and consume with brands. Because of this, brands had to adapt, and quickly as lockdown was abruptly imposed.


These lifestyle brands have delivered fantastic PR and marketing campaigns and have successfully communicated with their consumers.


Adapting to keep consumers engaged

David Lloyd clubs win the top spot for adaptability. When they had to close facilities, they quickly made available online classes and on-demand content to their members and incorporated them into their existing app. To support this, social media campaigns and email blasts kept members informed with changing government guidelines and planned re-openings.


Spoilers with a purpose

Love or hate spoilers, Netflix successfully used them to stop the spread of Coronavirus with Out of Home ads, featuring spoilers for its original shows such as Money Heist, Narcos, Love is Blind and Stranger Things. The clever idea behind it was to halt people from the temptation of going out and socialise.


An opportunity not wasted

The video call Zoom platform needs no introduction in a COVID-19 world. With the country in lockdown businesses still needed to operate and Zoom did not waste a moment to fill the gap in the market. When most businesses were cutting their spending with a very sharp knife, Zoom tripled its comms budget to make sure they were front and centre of the consumer's mind and had the most dominant share of voice. We expect that Zoom meetings will remain with us for the foreseeable future, so make sure you brush up on your virtual pitching!


Sewing for good

This one is a Siren client and one we are proud to work with. Free Masketeers designed bespoke masks for businesses using the leftover fabric from London hotel uniforms and NHS approved scrubs whilst supporting charities across the UK. They timed the campaign perfectly with the rising need for face masks and positioned themselves in the front of business decision makers minds before the government announced mandatory face coverings on public transport and in shops. As consumers and businesses wanting to give-back grew, they provided an answer to benefit both them and charitable organisations.

Coronavirus turned the world as we know it on its head and the brands that first recognise this and adapted to the situation will be reigning in terms of business volume and turnover. We’ve seen consumers focusing more on a healthy lifestyle and an increase in audience engagement with influencer marketing campaigns during lockdown Lifestyle PR and marketing will give you the tools to do so and allow you to reach your target audience. 


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