Setting ourselves higher standards: Siren joins the Better Business Act

April 29, 2021

 What kind of world do we want to live in? If the events of the past 12 months have presented human society with huge challenges, they have also offered each of us a historic opportunity to take stock of our lives and direction. 


From the social and economic fault-lines laid bare by the pandemic, to the ongoing struggles for equality and safety on the streets. From working lives hurriedly reshaped around video calls, home-schooling and the kitchen table. From the future of democracy and capitalism to the almost overwhelming realities of the climate emergency. Rarely in human history has there been greater urgency for us to be at our best and make positive changes for the greater benefit of ourselves, each other and our planet. 


This turbulent year has touched every individual, but also poses huge questions to businesses such as Siren Comms. How do we recover and come back stronger in the short term?  What will we do to protect and preserve our planet for the next generation? Are we ready to acknowledge our responsibility in making positive change for the society in which we operate?  


Siren Comms has joined the Better Business Act coalition because we believe the world needs every business at its best -- creating good jobs, helping to fix pressing problems and adding value to society. This aligns with our mission and values


Siren is joining hundreds of businesses calling for a straightforward legislative solution: the Better Business Act will amend section 172 of The Companies Act to ensure that company directors are responsible for advancing the interests of shareholders alongside those of wider society and the environment.  


Aligning the long term interests of all impacted by our work, from Siren’s leadership to the planet and the team who deliver across our accounts is both the challenge and the opportunity. What businesses that do this well have shown (many of whom are fellow Better Business Act companies) is that this is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do – delivering strong results, while operating in a responsible way. 


It’s for this reason that Siren is a passionate supporter of the Better Business Act, with its ambition to create a clearer legal framework for directors to align the long term needs of all stakeholders with a simple amendment to the current Companies Act. 


Behind the Better Business Act is a broad – and growing – coalition of businesses including household names like The John Lewis Partnership, Danone, Ben and Jerry’s, Innocent and The Body Shop, as well as hundreds of other businesses of all shapes and sizes from right across the UK. In partnership with the coalition are a range of thought leaders and academics including Paul Polman and Social Value UK.  


We are encouraged by the fact that the Better Business Act is a business-led campaign, driven by leaders who recognise that the law has fallen behind business culture and who have proven that this approach to business works for everyone. 




As a supporter of the Better Business Act coalition, we urge businesses across the UK to join us, by pledging their support to the campaign and helping to ensure that all businesses place their responsibilities to workers, suppliers, customers, communities and the environment side by side with their ambition to grow, prosper and deliver profit – reflecting regenerative capitalism.  


For the image of business to be restored in the eyes of the public from greed to good, it is essential the leaders of today are seen to be stepping up to shape new higher standards for tomorrow, rather than hiding behind the broken models of the past. 


With enough support from businesses of all shapes and sizes, the team at Better Business Act can then work with those in Government to turn our hope in to a reality. The UK has a proud history of leading the way on corporate governance, and this change can be an important first step in a reset that is long overdue. In a year where the eyes of the world are on us, as Britain plays host to the G7 and COP26, this act would be a strong symbol of positive change. 


We believe that the Better Business Act is a unique opportunity to demonstrate UK leadership on the global stage – creating a competitive advantage, driving innovation, accelerating progress to net zero and aligning with the government’s ambition to build back better. 



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