Brands for change – how we can all take positive action

November 16, 2021

So, the much-anticipated “blah blah blah of COP26 is over. 


Talk to anyone that was there – in case you missed the phenomenal media analysis each day – and they will tell you that the agreements make a dent in our emissions targets, but don’t go far enough. Crucially, they’ll say that commitments made at this year’s conference won’t get us to achieve the critical 1.5 (degrees) stay of execution for the planet. 


How do we make change happen, as individuals? 

What COP26 has evidently been hugely successful at is sparking greater human action, and this is where the 1.5 degrees target is potentially within our grasp. But we all need to make a change in our hourly decision making, purchasing behaviours and decisions in business. As often reminded by our client Mark Jankovich, Founder and CEO of Delphis Eco, “If not me then who?”. The future is in fact in our own hands, and we need to embrace that power to support the COP26 targets. 


Driving behavioural change is, of course, a complicated matter, and one that needs the related actions from a Holy Trinity of change, as mentioned here in my recent post, More Action, Less Talk


1. The activists and scientists who have called the climate crisis out and will continue to drive greater awareness.   


2. The policy makersNGOs and political powers who are making cautious change depending on the part of the world you reside in. 


3. And, finally, business and consumers who have transformed into the most powerful driver of change there is – simply by how we live our lives with what products and services we choose to support and where we put our hard-earned income. 


Because of this, our future lies in our hands. We can, and already are, forcing change by supporting businesses, brands and service providers who are already making change and delivering services that meet the targets we need to achieve globally. 



Eco friendly brands and businesses we recommend 

To support this urgent need to change consumer purchasing power, we thought we’d share a few of our brand and business heroes that team Siren loves to buy from – some Siren Comms clients and some not. And with Black Friday and Christmas on the horizon, we’re zeroing in on some lifestyle brands that you can choose over mainstream ones that harm the environment. 


These are brands that we think can support consumer desire to change – our Climate Change Brand Heroes, in a way. Many of these businesses are B Corp accredited, some are not and are working their way to achieving that brilliant status, while others are brands that have always acted responsibly. In essence, their very raison d'etre is to deliver net-zero emissions, reduce global impact and be a wonderful product and or service without causing harm to people or the planet. 






Delphis Eco 

British B Corp ecological professional cleaning product supplier, helping to get your house sparkling new without harming the planet. 



100% plastic-free and compostable household products, perfect for waste-conscious scrubbers. 


Beeswax Wrap 

Award-winning British made food-safe Beeswax Wraps and soaps. Ideal for wrapping sandwiches and gifts.



Ethically sourced meal kits delivered to your door, limiting food waste (and it’s a B Corp too) 



Non-toxic, better for your skin and kind to the planet – an effective replacement for laundry tablets (and each refill lasts for about a year!) 



The alternative milk that even Siren’s non-vegans enjoy. Plant-based, using pea protein, its manufacturing process uses 80% less water than almond milk and has a 75% lower carbon footprint than dairy. 



Female-founded, eco-conscious soy wax candles. The brand donates 5% of profits to Black Minds Matter, and the jar label contains seeds so you can give the glass another lease of life! 


Frugi children's clothes  

Ethical, organic and great for children with eczema.


Abel and Cole  

Great service, a B Corp, promotes small sustainable producers and provides lovely content (recipes, tips etc for reducing waste and making more of your fruit and veg). 


Girlfriend Collective 

Ethically transparent athleisure wear with most of their products directly sourced from recycled plastic bottles. With every purchase, a customer can see where their product came from throughout the supply chain. 



Provides reusable and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics used every day e.g., cotton swabs, tissues. They showcase end-to-end sustainability across our entire value chain. 


Wild Deodorant 

A sustainable natural deodorant that can be delivered straight to your door via a subscription service. The product is aluminium free with compostable, plastic free refills. 


Food gifting: 


Grind coffee 

Delicious house-blend coffee in compostable pods, a no brainer in any morning routine. 



Family-run and ethically minded coffee roastery producing top quality blends.



Plant-based Korean umami seasoning sauce, a great stocking filler for vegan foodies. 


The Conscious Candy Company 

100% plastic and palm oil free vegan pick n mix sweets – the perfect WFH snack! 



While you can’t eat it, get your products delivered responsibly in London with emissions-free courier XeroE. 


If you are a business that is looking for support in telling a business story related to a drive for tangible change, and to achieve greater awareness, please contact us here at Siren Comms. If you need any more food for thought, read more about our work in the sustainability space here