Knowing which social media platform is right for your brand

March 24, 2021

As we approach the anniversary of lockdown, our moods may be down but social media usage has undoubtedly accelerated.

The pandemic has made us a nation addicted to TikTok who think nothing of socialising on Zoom and buying products straight from Instagram using a digital payment method. As the vast majority of businesses have had their sales affected one way or another by restrictions, it is vital that brand’s social media is consistent and constant to keep themselves at the front of their customer’s mind and to ensure they are communicating with potential consumers where they are currently most engaged.


83 per cent of Instagram users have discovered new products or services on this platform and this continues to increase quickly as the age of intense digital consumption shifts to even younger demographics. There is also a wide variety of platforms for brands that cater to differing audiences and needs. The Siren team is vastly experienced in helping our clients develop a voice to engage on the relevant platforms which will appeal to their chosen audience and increase the brand awareness, whether it be B2B, FMCG, hospitality or travel services.


We understand the benefits of each social platform and are able to combine our broader marketing and communications knowledge with using social media to produce the best results for our clients. Some of our experience in this area includes:


Using LinkedIn and Twitter to promote travel technology

The promotion of our B2B travel-tech clients including Whoosh and Codegen is based on sharing thought-leadership articles and positive industry news across both LinkedIn and Twitter. Developing weekly content schedules on behalf of our clients, Siren shares opinion pieces on the latest trends in travel and tech, showing the practical benefits of both technologies and promoting a return to normality. Our team posts and engages with relevant content to increase followers and engagement, with the success and growth of these clients on various platforms tracked and reported on monthly. In February 2021, Whoosh’s profile visits increased by an impressive 81 per cent, we credit this partly to embracing our alter-egos of train geeks with a constant humourous and engaging tone as the brand prepares for the launch of its consumer-facing arm.


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Nurturing a community on Facebook

Motability Operations is a well-established organisation with a core customer base of those who receive mobility allowances. Our social media schedules for the car-leasing service focus on increasing awareness of the scheme; motoring content, general disability-lifestyle tips and resources including the ‘Rough Guide to Accessible Britain’ which showcases days out that everyone can enjoy. We closely monitor any comments and help to nurture the community feel which is so valued by Motability Operation’s customers with our social content reaching more than 160,000 people each day. As the coronavirus pandemic forced us into a world of virtual events, our team worked to nurture Motability Operation’s Facebook community with the hugely successful online One Big Day event last year –you can read all about the success of the event here.


Instagram is still the one for visual content

While the platform may have developed over the years to incorporate more video content through Stories and Reels, Instagram continues to be the go-to place for visually appealing content. Our interior design client Benji Lewis, used the platform to launch the online advisory service, Zoom that Room As part of our work with Benji, the team at Siren creates weekly content schedules for Instagram full of testimonials and creative content. Our team also uses this platform to share Benji’s impressive traditional media coverage such as regular slots in the Daily Mail and several interiors titles. The impact of our impressive digital marketing strategy is clear as Benji has been inundated with requests and can no longer take any more bookings!


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The importance of a multi-channel approach

For some brands, a multi-channel approach to social media marketing is the best strategy. Plant-based umami sauce Yondu is taking the world by storm thanks to Siren’s strong digital marketing skills positioning it as a must-have foodie item. With Siren handling the content schedule and creation for Yondu, the social media strategy incorporates both Facebook and Instagram. The aim of Yondu’s social channels is to showcase the variety of recipes that can be created with the seasoning. Part of the launch of Yondu into the UK market has been influencer-led where Siren’s social media management skills have come into play. Siren have curated the most appropriate content creators whom share Yondu’s values and aided them in creating on-brand posts with suitable hashtags which have achieved fantastic engagement and results for Yondu. This strategy has created an excellent reach through tapping into appropriate trends, news-jacking and utilising the ready-made target audiences whom the chosen influencers have worked hard to establish.


Social media is essential to every brand and we consult and create content for the vast majority of our clients in tandem with traditional media relations to maximise their brand positioning. Each feed is carefully curated and managed to target the appropriate audience and ultimately convert interest into sales. This includes targeted local media in Northumberland and the Scottish borders through our work with Prime Property Ventures, or creating international wellness content for luxury client Bodyfriend. Moreover, our client Uber Boat by Thames Clippers has successfully used social media to appeal to its many demographics through several social media campaigns coordinated by the team at Siren, including the highly successful virtual river tour hosted in the UK’s first lockdown.


If you would like to know more about which social media channel is best for you, how to implement a social media strategy to enhance your brand awareness and to understand more of Siren’s social media management experience, get in touch.


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