2021: a year of comms successes

December 21, 2021

As another award-winning year for Siren comes to a close, and while we prepare for all that 2022 has to hold, we’re taking a moment to reflect back on our proudest success moments of 2021.

It’s fair to say it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster in general, but what’s always unwavering is the Siren ethos of great teamwork to deliver the best results for our clients. We’ve had everything from new product launches and a raft of broadcast interview wins to integrated purpose-led national campaigns and smashed client targets.



Here’s a round up of each of team Siren’s standout memories from the past 12 months…

Rachel: “Securing ‘The Big Interview’ in The Grocer for Delphis CEO, Mark Jankovich. It wasn’t an easy one to land. We combined the news of Delphis going into Waitrose stores and the growing clamour of climate change as peg to land with fortunate timing. It was a proud moment for me to deliver for a new client, a new brand to retail and, particularly the teamwork from Tam, Sarah and Rachel S that it took to land.”


Katie: “The UK launch of Yondu - we took an unknown product and concept and launched it to the UK market with huge success across the board including smashing sales targets. And the team is just getting going! Watch this space as we make all your Umami dreams come true…”


Stacey: “This year saw Motability Operations launch its first ever national campaign. I’m so proud of the results we achieved for the client in achieving the increased awareness objective. The influencer activity was a real stand-out in this campaign. I loved working with Phoebe and the group of influencers to create wonderful, engaging and inspiring content that really helped to spread the word about the Scheme from the first-person point of view of its customers in a variety of different ways.”

Naomi: “My proudest moment at Siren in the last year is the work we did on Karma Sanctum Soho, we created a story out of very little and we got amazing coverage, front cover pages in trade - Boutique Hotelier - and consumer - Evening Standard The Reveller - we also got great coverage around the new offering at their restaurant. It was a short and sweet project and within that time we achieved so much. I’m very proud of our teamwork on it.”

Dimitra: “My 2021 moment of pride has to be ending the year with sensational feedback for team Yondu! Working hard together throughout the year really paid off. AND, as a bonus standout, securing a DPS for Karma Sanctum in the Evening Standard has to get a mention.”

Tam: It was a bumper broadcast year for Tam, “Securing a Delphis Eco feature on Channel 4’s ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’; and not one but two client interviews on the Sky News Ian King show - Mark Jankovich at Delphis and Gareth Dinnage at Seacourt.”

Maddy: Maddy couldn’t choose just one pride-filled moment, “Securing a double-page spread in Daily Telegraph Travel for Scenic Eclipse’s Antarctica voyages. Joined up comms ensured advertising space was secured on the same page which went on to generate more than 70 enquires in the one day following publishing! But also, nailing an exclusive interview with the Evening Standard’s Sustainable Standard for Uber Boat by Thames Clippers’ green maritime funding win – including coordination with an Evening Standard photographer onboard a commuter service boat – was a real pinnacle for this year.”

Phoebe: For Phoebe, variety is the spice of life: “Taking the niche journey-improving tech of Whoosh and working with them to create an established and valuable platform available on several major operators has been really fulfilling this year. I was incredibly proud to be playing even a small role in supporting the hospitality industry post-lockdown by gaining fantastic coverage for Karma Sanctum as they announced the renovation of the iconic hotel. And telling the lovely story of water provider, South West Water giving back £100,000 to the local communities of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset was a real stand-out moment from 2021 for me too.”


Anya: "My proudest moment has to be ending the year with the incredible feedback from our client Yondu. Working so close with the client and wider team has taught us the ins and outs of what to expect, allowing us to stay one step ahead and exceed all KPIs."

Rachel S: When the world started to reopen post-lockdown 3.0 in spring, it was prime time to start taking in the capital with Uber Boat by Thames Clippers. Rachel, armed with a strong supply of River Roamer tickets, was on an influencer engagement mission, “I loved seeing the results from the Uber Boat by Thames Clippers outreach,” she said.

Jack: “A highlight for me was The Everyday Freedom Photo Challenge for Motability Operations. It was a community engagement project that asked members of the Motability social media community to share pictures of their summer adventures, with a new photo topic being supplied everyday. The photos were a lovely way to celebrate being out about and fitted nicely with The Motability Scheme’s Everyday Freedom campaign. Engagement with the Challenge grew throughout its five week run which was rewarding. It was one of the first projects I worked on from the beginning and I learnt many new skills, not least the importance of planning and perseverance!”

Ollie: “My highlight from 2021 was working on EDGE London with Tam and Lola. They’d essentially just started as a business, and it was really exciting and meaningful to be with them at the beginning of that process, helping them to navigate the public relations and communications space, and spread the word amongst top-tier industry media about this great new business that had just opened up. The experience was made all the more enjoyable by how great Robynne and Felix are to work with. They’re lovely people and I’m looking forward to continuing our work with them into the new year on the exciting launch of their new website and online shop. Watch this space!”

Lola: “In my fourth week of working in comms, I managed to land a small pro bono client an interview on regional BBC radio. That was a highlight for me for two reasons. It gave me a huge confidence boost (which was VERY necessary), and it also made a real difference for the client. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a few hours of work transform into an opportunity with the power to make real change.”


Bring on 2022 and here's to another year filled with comms successes. Get in touch so that we can include you in our next round up of stand-out work.