Ethical consumption, it’s about more than veganism

February 09, 2022

Ethical consumption; does that mean cutting out all meat from your diet or avoiding single use plastics? Or is it about eliminating the production process of fast-fashion? Or the suppliers in all of these? Or, is it about quantity of consumption over anything else?  


This topic can be a minefield to navigate and one that cancel culture has undoubtedly positioned as a daunting one to get involved in both as an individual and a business. But it truly doesn’t need to be and for aiding what we hope can become an easy navigation through this world, we have collated our top thoughts and insights on what ethical consumerism is and which brands are currently navigating this world well.  


What is ethical consumption? 

Firstly let’s start by clarifying that ethical consumption is not limited to any one sector of consumption; it relates to fashion, food, drink, travel, media, knowledge, etc. The principles of ethical consumption are based around purchasing or engaging with ethically-made products that do not harm the environment, animals or humans. To truly understand the ethical standpoint of a product or brand we must understand the full chain of supply and development, and that can be complicated, or even impossible, to find, especially when dealing with large scale production by global corporations. Hence, ethical consumption often leads to supporting and celebrating the practise of buying from small and independent businesses. When supporting such businesses you as a consumer are often given the opportunity to speak to the heads of the business and ask for transparency around the provenance of their products; what production process they use, are their products organic, what animal welfare do they follow, what rights do their workers have? And this is why, ethical consumption is about more than just veganism.  


Ethical consumption at Siren Comms 

 At Siren, we take our role in ethical consumerism seriously and as outlined in our sustainability pledge’, we as a business, and as individuals, are finding our own way through this. We're ‘ready and excited to listen harder, learn quicker and live better as we collectively dedicate even more time to our pledge of becoming sustainably smarter’. 


We are also extremely proud to be working with businesses who play an active and positive role in ethical consumerism. Our friends in Somerset, at the family run Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, create sustainably farmed British products  and are proud that their customers can rest assured that they are supporting a local supply chain and helping the preservation of the environment. The creation process starts at the local farm run by twin brothers Edward and John who’s farming methods  support regenerative agriculture where Terroir plays a vital role. Terroir refers to the natural environmental factors that affect the quality of their cows’ milk such as the local geography, soil, weather – characteristics that affect the quality of pasture, allow the cows to thrive and ultimately, produce compositionally perfect milk with which to produce authentic cheddar cheese.   

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Using only fresh, local, unpasteurised milk, John and his wife Katherine have made it their mission to  preserve the original character of  their  namesake. This,  they  believe, is  their  responsibility and privilege  when producing cheddar cheese. It is then in their nearby working dairy, that the handmade, artisanal magic happens by their  skilled  cheese makers. From milk reception, addition of starter cultures, cutting, draining to cheddaring and dressing – everything is done by hand; even the delivery of the cheeses to the famous natural Cheddar Gorge Caves, where a selection of  their  cheeses are  matured. All  of this  minimises  the environmental impact of cheese making.   


The impressive products and ethical consumption opportunities being created by Siren clients by no means stops there. Delphis Eco is the leading manufacturer of professional cleaning products created in Britain. It produces an award-winning, ecological cleaning range made from renewable, plant-based ingredients and the entire range is produced in the UK’s first 100 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic  bottles. With over a decade of working in the toughest commercial cleaning environments, Delphis Eco products are loved by cleaning professionals country-wide as they are kinder to the environment without compromising on cleaning power.   


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The entire range is formulated to have the least possible impact to the environment and people, and is never tested on animals. Delphis Eco is also the first UK manufacturer to achieve EU Ecolabel (Defra) accreditation and has the largest independently accredited range of products. Delphis Eco is committed to ensuring that all aspects of the business are environmentally responsible, significantly reducing its impact on the planet. It is also a certified B Corporation, meaning it reaches the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. 


The real success story of Delphis Eco is the development of a range of products that really work in the toughest industrial environments and commercial cleaning situations, whilst removing single-use plastics, nasty toxins and CO2 emissions from landfill, incineration and the ocean.  


Stay tuned… 

As ethical consumerism has become a pre-requisite for modern day businesses and has developed into a true-passion point for us at Siren Comms, we look forward to bringing you more news, developments and insights on this topic.  


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