A fling versus long term commitment – trying a new lifestyle PR agency on for size

January 13, 2021


As we adjust to the new lockdown, we are all hoping it is the final instalment in this particular trilogy…

But, in the meantime over at Siren we are experiencing and hearing familiar questions and concerns reminiscent of March 2020 from friends in the industry.

What position do we take? How do we keep people interested in our brand? Should we be pushing anything out or do we say nothing? Or *panic I need a new lifestyle PR agency, the agency we use have furloughed my team, do we cancel the campaign (cue many frustrated and worried groans from everyone involved).

While the devasting human impact of Covid should never be overlooked, for brands it’s a constantly evolving feat to continue to deliver, to adapt and flex new and different comms muscles.

With retainers on the line, new business to be won, crisis comms in overdrive, your PR and Comms function is more important than ever.


So, what’s the answer (and point of this wee blog you might ask…)?

It’s to assure you, that right now, the show must go on. But when it comes to working with a lifestyle PR agency, make sure they are willing and able to adapt to this ride with you. And if you’re unsure, a fling with a new agency might be just what you need right now…

When it comes to relationships, some people are in it for the long-haul, and others just aren’t ready to settle down. The same can be said when thinking about engaging with a lifestyle PR agency.

Project-based engagements are great for a quick-fix, a short-term gain when only a small pocket of budget is available. Any savvy agency will understand now more than ever that budgets are being scrutinised. Businesses are under pressure to ensure any activity is accountable and delivers. New ideas, a different approach and an agency which is ready and available to step in and help is key right now.

For those looking for a new long-term relationship, retainer engagements enable you to build up credibility with the media and the industry, to integrate PR into the wider business strategy and to keep the spark going by adding value to other areas of the organisation too.


Importantly long term retainers allow your PR agency to become an extension of your team, it takes work away from you and a fresh pair of eyes on a problem is always a good thing as we cautiously but optimistically begin to plan for the months ahead.


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At this particular lifestyle PR agency…

At Siren, we break down your goals into actions that spark passion, ignite engagement, and connect you to audiences that can make a difference to your bottom line.

Whatever your objective, whatever the backstory, whatever the platform required, we create stand-out content and comms campaigns that work to drive tangible results by traditional media relations, social media and digital content creation, development and management.

Here at Siren our clients range from start-up entrepreneurs to industry stalwarts, with brands big and small. We are typically called in by comms and PR teams who have become frustrated by the level of experience within their existing agency. Some tell us they need a more digitally savvy consultancy while others just need a better return on PR investment.

If you are looking to start a long-term partnership or need support with a smaller ad hoc project do get in touch. We have experts available to support you and your business, no matter what the objective.



To speak to one of the Siren team, drop us a note at - hello@sirencomms.com


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