A spotlight on Siren's Food & Drink Expertise

December 01, 2020


As an award-winning communications agency, our Food and Beverage team at Siren is composed of many capable experts with a deep-rooted sector knowledge and a history of expertise. There are many reasons that a food and drink brand may need Siren’s help, such as increasing brand awareness, crisis communications or promoting a new service, product, or venue. This talented team have done it all and are giving you a behind the scenes insight into how their clients stand out in such a crowded space.






It is well-known that a day in PR is never the same, but our team have developed thorough strategies to tackle the needs of clients such as No.Fifty Cheyne and Terra Terra in order to make media sell in seamless:


“Lots of media engagement, lots of brainstorming, planning for clients and every once in a while, I am lucky enough to test and trial our client's food and drink products “ – Dimitra


“Admin, taking moments to read news, blogs and listen to podcasts for moments of inspiration. I do a lot of writing; my day is either writing about a burrito or how a silk curtain helps the planet. These days it is also death by zoom call, but it is a great tool to make sure you are always in the loop and communicating effectively.” - Tam


My day is usually filled with a mix of team calls, client calls to understand what their priorities are, writing press releases, speaking to media and finding newsworthy hooks and stories for us to jump on all in the name of securing coverage” - Belinda



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They all credit their successes with the likes of the Albion & East Group to a deep love of the industry; this could be their own joy in “wining and dining” (Dimitra) or influencing consumers decisions as a consequence of a built brand personality (Tam). Also, it is undoubtedly a unique sector with many different characters and personalities. Dimitra believes the unification of different cultures through food was demonstrated even more over lockdown.


Our Senior Account Manager, Tam pointed out there is so much than meets the eye when you PR a product, for example with Coca-Cola you do not sell a dark liquid but ‘happiness’ in a bottle. Moreover, Belinda has loved the sector since she worked as a runner age 15 and now gets a kick out of showing her clients the huge impact some great coverage can make.


The team have worked alongside many household names. This includes one of Tam’s career highs of launching the chocolate bar, bubbly Cadbury (brand feeling was Joy) which had Oreo in (brand feeling was wonder) at the Museum of Joy and Wonder, displaying items from celebrities that made them feel joy and wonder. We asked the rest of the team what they thought was their proudest achievement:




“Launching a new restaurant in Chelsea called No. Fifty Cheyne was a really proud moment for me as has working with the lovely team at The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company. We have also been on a long journey with the team at the award-winning dairy and together we grow and achieve wonderful results.” - Dimitra


“I loved working on the launch of the elegant London Restaurant in the heart of Chelsea, No. Fifty Cheyne, bringing in both media and influencers to review the restaurant in return for media coverage. We bought in some fantastic names and publications including Tatler, The Telegraph LUXURY, Evening Standard, and Conde Nast Traveller. After just a few weeks after opening, the restaurant was continuingly booked up and became a well-known restaurant and bar around London.” – Belinda


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The onset of COVID-19 has visibly shook the food and drink sector. However, the team successfully guided our clients to pursue creative solutions and standout from the crowd. Clients such as Ruth’s Little Kitchen have pivoted exceptionally well, delivering baked goods directly to their private clients and hosting Instagram live workshops. Moreover, activating social media engagement on behalf of Cheddar Gorge Cheese resulted in increased sales in spite of the pandemic.



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Lastly, we asked the team for their insight on the latest foodie trends and what is next for the industry:


“Restaurants require massive PR aid to get people through the door. The sector will continue to rely on services such as Deliveroo and Just Eat as well as self-delivery to keep the profits in house.” – Tam


“Drive, resilience, creativity - it is going to be a tough road ahead but one I am sure the industry will once again, find a way to navigate through.” – Dimitra


I think food subscriptions and deliveries will increasingly be used, with more people enjoying the influence and easiness of their meals. Also, many food subscriptions are now providing you with the exact amount of ingredients you need, meaning zero waste. Sustainability will also increasingly guide business decisions, with so many customers becoming more and more aware of the type of products they buy and where they are sourced from.” – Belinda




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