Here's what you'll learn as a PR Intern

December 03, 2019


I am the newest intern to join the Siren team, after set
ting of on my journey to London and understanding life in a PR agency  3 months ago. The months have flown by and I've been learning something new everyday, from working in PR to living in London for the first time. For as long as I can remember, I envisioned myself working and living in the capital and so my university placement year felt like the perfect opportunity to do so. I study Communication and Media at Bournemouth university, opening a variety of routes I could take in the media industry. PR felt like a good fit for me as I love writing and brainstorming with fun and creative ideas. Going into travel and lifestyle PR was a huge learning curve for me and my first experience of the sector.  I've put together the top 4 things I have learned so far as a PR intern:


1)  Every day is different

One of the best things about this industry is that no two days are the same, there is always something new to try out and learn as an intern and I feel very lucky that I have been given a lot of responsibility in order to learn as much as I can.


2) Organisation is key

I am a keen list maker at the best of times but working in the PR industry requires a completely new level of organisation. Sometimes I feel like I’m not the best at this but I’m definitely getting there.


3) Teamwork makes the dream work

I always thought working in an office environment would mean working quite independently but I could not have been more wrong. Being able to come up with fun and creative ideas with the team is one of my favourite parts of the job, even if it’s only for something small, working together as part of a team can be so fun and productive.


4) Confidence

Over the past few months, my confidence has grown enormously. Learning the basics can be the biggest thing you'll learn - for me this has been learning how talk to people on the phone confidently. Although this is something I hadn't considered before as being a key learning, it has helped me to develop my work further.


These are just a few of the key things I have learned about life in the PR industry and a tiny percentage of what I will have learnt by the end of this year placement. Admittedly, it can be demanding at times but I’m really enjoying learning so much and being able to have real input on Siren's work.