How micro influencers can elevate your brand

November 21, 2019

Previously, in Siren’s ‘what is micro influencer marketing, we established that micro influencers have between 10,000  – 100,000 followers across their social media profiles. They are great for three main deliverables: 1) high levels of engagement 2) creating targeted content and 3) ensuring you get bang for your buck. 


These areas elevate a brand’s authenticity, but this can only be reached by partnering with the right micro influencers whose profiles and content are aligned with your own brand values, style and targets. So how do we ensure that we partner with the right category of micro influencers?



Choosing the right micro influencer

Step one of this process is identifying which micro influencers you should work with. The main question is how you want to enhance your brand’s positioning and the objective behind the campaign. To answer it, you should explore the deeper profiling characteristics of your brand. These could be ocean sustainability, youthfulness, AI technology, spiritual wellness, female leadership, grass-root engagement, local education or even the brand’s identity being rooted in specific geographical locations such as South London, Northern Italy or Eastern Africa. 


Finding the right micro influencer

The search to source micro influencers who embody or celebrate those same profiling characteristics begins now. There are many discovery routes for this; Hashtag specific searches on social media platforms and reviews of which micro influencers that similar, aspiring and competitor brands have worked with are commonly used methods. This exploration process should also involve researching niche consumer and trade media titles that are frontrunners in discovering and promoting micro influencers within their fields. These will not be limited to individuals identified as purely ‘social media influencers’, they can also be individuals who have not created their following via social media but created their social media profiles as a result of their leadership and innovation in certain areas. 


Whilst you can look at leaders and innovators from fields such as tech, music, travel and fashion, the further you focus in on the speciality, the more helpful your search results will be. Rather than looking for travel micro influencers via mass travel platforms such as the BBC website’s travel page, follow specialty platforms such as Suitcase Magazine (great for re-imagined travel), Amuse Magazine and Vice for travel reporting and Conde Nast Traveller for luxury experiences. If it is an influencer from the music industry your brand wants to partner with to further highlight its urban and youthful characteristics, why not follow niche but highly respected websites such as DYI Magazine or Dazed and Confused rather than mainstream titles such as The Rolling Stones magazine. This will allow you to discover micro, rather than mass, influencers. 


Micro influencers within media

When looking to reach micro influencers established within the media world, a strong place to start is with the journalists themselves. Many journalists are extremely influential within their areas of specialty, especially via social media.  Great examples include food lover and freelance journalist Felicity Spector, Mr Porter’s Jeremy Langmead and ES Magazine Editor Laura Weir. A partnership with such influencers, and coverage across their social media platforms, is a guaranteed way to reach the wider media circle. 


What does work with a micro influencer look like
  • Social media posts - the traditional form of working with any influencer is through comp’d experiences, and gifting of your product or service in exchange for social media promotion. This can also be done through gifted posts, paid posts and/or affiliate marketing

  • Event participation – allowing your influencer to directly engage with your audience in a face-to-face manner via hosted events is becoming increasingly popular as consumers are looking to expand the ways in which they experience brands

  • Consultant – working with a micro influencer on the ‘behind the scenes’ development stages of your brand life cycle is an effective way to gain expertise on the chosen field of that influencer. They are able to provide an outsider perspective on your brand, the market and consumers


Case point: the power of micro influencers for No. Fifty Cheyne 

Earlier this year, during the launch of Chelsea’s now renowned No. Fifty Cheyne, we activated a micro influencer campaign to highlight the venue’s focus on delivering high-quality food by an up-and-coming British chef. Rather than targeting mass-followed influencers with a very broad audience, we worked with food and upmarket, living specific influencers. This included securing the likes of London’s well know Gourmet Guy, the previously mentioned Felicity Spector, London Chef Milli Taylor and Chelsea’s own Catwalk Gee. The coverage featured across these social media accounts enabled the venue to reach a relevant audience interested in luxury and quality dining in South West London, increased brand-to-consumer engagement and re-instated the brand’s positioning within the market. 




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