How we’ve supported our clients during COVID

July 24, 2020

It’s fair to say that the Coronavirus pandemic has been a new breed of crisis for most PR professionals. Since the initial – and often confusing – weeks back in March, as the virus began to spread across the UK and lockdown was implemented, the pandemic has tested the readiness of companies across most, if not all, sectors to manage a crisis none of us expected.


Whilst none of us could control what happened or what will happen next, what we can do is ensure we are supporting our clients and their businesses accurately and efficiently when it comes to their comms as we move into (most hated phrase aside from use of “unprecedented” alert) the ‘new normal’.


Here at Siren we’ve been providing our clients with more than just the core crisis communications function. We have been providing clients with a raft of intel, updates and clarification to ensure they are supported. Agencies are a huge communications resource that understand the product, goals, and positioning of clients and their businesses incredibly well. So, you should lean on your agency for support and advice. Here’s how we have been, and continue to be, doing the right thing for our clients:


Changing strategy

First and foremost, for many clients a 360 approach to their strategy and plans for the summer was required. Providing guidance and assurance on it being ok to not be part of the conversation isn’t something you tend to hear a PR practitioner utter very often. Switching our approach to focus on content, rethinking positioning and directing our energy to core messaging was universally a good use of agency time.


News updates


We have been providing daily AM and PM synopses of the latest coronavirus news updates and developments in a succinct overview tailored to a client’s core market, be that travel, food and drink, health or lifestyle. Distilling information quickly and efficiently for busy clients will always be appreciated.


Media insights


While client businesses were turned upside-down, so were media outlets. We stay in constant communication with the media and were able to pull the latest updates into a succinct overview that outlined where things were changing, what publications were looking for and how opportunities were available. These were shared on a biweekly basis keeping clients updated on the almost daily changes the media faced at the start. A key part of this for many of us was also checking in with colleagues, supporters and friends in the media. You can find our insights over the last few months here.

Reworking our offering


We quickly identified businesses’ need for communications support in the current landscape, also for short-term and flexible contracts. So, we’ve created a series of flexible packages as we move into the autumn. We are offering travel and hospitality clients and small businesses a new set of engagement opportunities for those looking to test the water with PR, and for travel businesses specifically we are offering flexible packages to help them to get their comms positioning right over the next few months.


If you are interested in a quick chat regarding how we might be able to support you and your business right now, please do get in touch


You can also read our top tips for communicating during COVID for travel businesses here.