I'm Made By Dyslexia

October 08, 2021

I’m usually in the backroom, supporting clients and the team. Front and centre isn’t my favourite spot, it never has been.


However, this October when we were appointed by Kate Griggs and Made By Dyslexia to support their global ambitions to raise greater awareness of the super powers and many positive attributes that being #MadeByDyslexia offers the world, then my own career journey with dyslexia needed outing.

We pitched the story about media and journalism being great careers for dyslexic thinking to Dominic Ponsford at Press Gazette and he called my bluff and said, “why don’t you write a piece” – so I did and here it is.

It comes in the week that Kate Griggs’ brilliant new book is hovering in top 5 in Amazon best sellers list, hailed as the definitive guide to dyslexia and called This is Dyslexia.

Buy it, read it, learn from it, and open a few doors to young people. Especially those who don’t seem capable on paper are always worth a five minute chat to discover if they have the essential drive, ambition and incredibly valuable creative thinking and problem solving superpowers we need today.

I’m wearing my dyslexic badge with pride this October. Read the article on Press Gazette here.