Influencer Marketing Panel with Adwaiz

November 01, 2019

To settle the debate of whether or not influencer marketing is changing for the better, two of our Sirens attended an influencer marking panel, hosted by social media marketing agency Adwaiz. The panel was made up of brand managers including Francesco Di Filippo, US and UK marketing Manager for Obica Mozzarella bar and Taryn Malakou from Mullenlowe Salt, as well as influencers including Sandy Breitmeier from the Instagram @sandymakessense and Max from @londonsbest, to discuss one of the industry’s most burning topics.

It was an insightful evening; the panel provided useful tips including how to engage with influencers and what to consider when sourcing an influencer for your brand. There was even incredible pizza and cupcakes provided from two of the brands that Adwaiz works with.


One key point that we took away from the panel was when Influencers, collaborate with a brand, they need to promote the product or brand in a natural, organic way. This way the audience trusts what the Influencer is promoting, therefore making the content more useful for the brand in driving their sales or following. Statistics show that sales spike the most when an influencer mentions a product or service organically. The influencers on the panel also expressed the importance of allowing them to have creative freedom when working on brand collaborations. Influencers know their own audience better than anyone else, allowing them to choose the time of day and, video or static content, would greatly increase the chances of the post doing well. We were informed that video content has higher engagement than static posts, even on Instagram.


This works both ways however; brands need to be aware of the flaws of working with influencers, especially when looking at statistics. Brands should look more closely at the engagement with the influencer rather than the amount of followers they have. For example looking at comments and affiliate link clicks as opposed to likes or followers. It has become easier for influencers to buy followers online, making their social channels appear much more successful than they actually are.


And because everyone loves a quick fact, here are a few stand-out ones from the panel:

  • Sales spike when good influencers get involved in campaigns.
  • You have to consider the engagement an influencer gets, not just their follower count.
  • The industry has lost $1.7 Billion due to inauthentic influencers, such as those who buy their followers.
  • Let influencers have a say and do what’s best for their audience – they know when their engagement is at its best.