Insight into the life of a PR student

December 04, 2019

Almost 6 months ago, I began my placement year with Siren as part of my studies in Public Relations at Bournemouth University. After completing two years of the course, my enthusiasm and excitement for the industry have only grown and highlighted where my strengths and passion lay within the industry. Considering taking on a PR degree? Here’s an insight into the life of a student:



I usually have a maximum of two exams a term. What’s a little different about PR exams, is that many of them are seen exams. This means 24 hours before it’s time to turn the page, every course member will be frantically refreshing their emails, coffees at the ready and waiting for the case study to drop. This is time for long library sessions and fitting as many notes onto one side of A4. My last exam focused on crisis communications for the Boeing 737 Max, which still recall the research even after the exam.



From researching stakeholders to creating pitches, proposals and media campaigns, the coursework is always creative and something you can really sink your teeth into and be proud to present. Think of it as more of a number of projects. Although there is a lot of work and time that goes into them, many are group projects and relate well to the real world of the industry. My last piece of coursework asked us to prepare for a press conference in 24 hours, after a crisis case study was announced to the class, reflecting the real and quick reaction that’s needed for crisis communications.


The Lectures

PR lectures are pretty inspiring and interesting! They have a million stories to tell about companies and campaigns they’ve worked for along with problems and crises they’ve faced through their work. As my class is of only 20 students, the lecturers get to know you very well and in a course like PR, quickly work our your strengths and weaknesses.