Inspiring travel from team siren

December 02, 2020



“Should we stay or should we go?” is what we are all asking ourselves at the moment, with the government playing switcheroo with taking different countries on and off the 14-day quarantine list. And now, as we enter the new tiered system of restrictions and with the positive news regarding imminent vaccination, team Siren are dreaming up our ultimate bucket list trips. Read on for a burst of inspiration and to find out where team Siren is dreaming of heading to next..




“Next I would love to travel to Wellington, New Zealand to see my sister and brother-in-law. Family, mountains, lakes and oceans: sounds like a great way to break up what is looking to be a long winter… if borders open.”







“Mykonos or Santorini in Greece has got to be on my list – having saved a bit of money from not commuting and not being able to travel as much this year, I’d love to splash a bit more cash on my next holiday. The beautiful white buildings overlooking the crystal blue sea and its stunning sunsets are calling my name.”







Before the pandemic hit we were planning to do a few long weekend trips to Europe this year. Barcelona and Amsterdam were on the list, along with going back to Soller in Majorca to stay at the beautiful Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel. We were considering New York and/or Miami too. While these trips sadly didn't happen, I’m thinking for our next trip we'll stay close to home and stick to the UK – to the Cotswolds perhaps. I’ve only ever been through on a one-day Rabbie’s tour and have been hoping to go back ever since, it’s such a beautiful part of the country!”







“Turkey has been on my list for such a long time and since lockdown I've found myself spending more time researching incredible places there and will be setting off as soon as we can. While popular among Australian's for its Anzac heritage, it’s the incredible beaches and stunning landscapes that draw me in. In the meantime, I'm spending my days dreaming of strolling through the markets and taking in the colours and textures of the fabrics until we can be there in real life.”







“In a world where avoiding rubbing shoulders with a stranger on the subway doesn't exist, social distancing in restaurants is not a thing and face masks are an accessory of the past - New York is where I'd be jetting off to next. The Big Apple will forever be a symbol of what life can be without the worries of Covid-19. Buzzing, social and absolutely magical.”


New York



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