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December 29, 2021



 I’ve worked in public relations for several years, and when I respond to the ‘What do you do for work?’ question, the majority of the time I’m met with a blank face or I’m asked to explain what public relations is. 


Once I’ve explained, the response is, ‘ah yes, I wondered how that all worked’. My point is that although many people think they have no idea what public relations is, they are impacted by it on a daily basis through the powerful stories you read online or through newspapers and magazines.


So, what is PR?

According to the PRCA “Public Relations, or 'PR', is all about the way organisations communicate with the public, promote themselves, and build a positive reputation and public image. The way an organisation is represented in the media has a huge impact on how people perceive it. PR professionals try to influence the media to represent their organisation positively and communicate key messages.”



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PR is an important tool for all kinds of businesses, whether you are a small, big, or a multi-million dollar corporation. When used correctly, a PR strategy raises awareness of your organisation in the right way and with the right audiences, it builds your brand and creates a strong reputation.


PR can be successfully implemented at different phases of a business lifecycle. Although, the PR strategy is quite different depending on whether you’re a start-up or an established company. 





PR for start-ups:


You’re a new brand, you're starting from scratch and you need to build awareness and a reputation among the right people to generate a customer base and grow your business; PR’s your answer.


We’ve worked with several start-ups in our time, our most recent start-up clients include Edge, London’s first sustainability hub for design and construction. Helping to build a better future through sustainable materials and products. Siren has assisted the brand in launching its showroom to interior designers, architects and construction companies.


For any company starting out, the key focuses are building brand awareness, increasing visibility and acquiring new customers, dependent on the service. 


Our advice with any start-up is that before any engagement with media, they must have their branding and messaging sorted and their website and social media channels on point as this is where media coverage directs visitors. 






A steady flow of content across your own channels – website, blog and social media channels is important for instilling confidence in any would-be customers. These platforms give you a chance to be creative and not only talk about the product or service you offer but also the start-up journey, team, founder, etc. 


You can also share what’s different about your company, get a feel for what content really clicks with your audience and which channels are the most successful. 


At Siren Comms, we provide this service to many of our clients, especially in the world of start-ups, where they have very little in-house resource to do it themselves.





Once you have the basics organised, we discuss the 3 Ps of PR storytelling that help us position the brand correctly:




Define exactly what your product or service is and/or what it does and where it fits into the current landscape.



Identify your company’s purpose, what problem does your product or service solve, and for whom? It’s important to have a detailed understanding of who your customer base is. 



A start-up needs to have its own authentic tone that captures the passion and vision of the company. Your story needs to be human and relatable - honesty and vulnerability go a long way!




Once we’ve talked through this framework it helps us to create clear, concise media messaging and a PR strategy. The strategy created identifies who your target audience is and highlights the best media channels to reach them on. 


We begin to craft great stories that are distributed through content, press releases, newsletters, social media campaigns, and blogs, and pitch them into publications and platforms who are relevant for your target audience to garner the right media coverage. 




PR for established companies


In contrast, established companies already have a track record and through their lifecycle, they will have carried out various activities and campaigns that have already created a certain level of brand awareness. But if you want to grow, launch new products and/or expand to new audiences; PR’s your answer. 


For existing brands you need to have clearly-defined goals for what you want to achieve from PR, whether it’s increasing customers, repositioning the brand, greater brand awareness, or promoting a new product or service. 


This is my favourite part of the process as we delve deeper into your offering and USP, identify the core audience you need to engage with, and most importantly, define what success looks like to you.



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Once your goals have been determined they need to be measurable, actionable, realistic and time-based. For example, ‘In the next three months, I want to have five pieces of national coverage.’


We work together to help you define key messages in a compelling and attractive way that will help you connect with your target audience more effectively. We choose the best tactics that will help you reach your goals, which can be a mixture of media relations, content marketing, social media marketing, events and tapping into the power of influencer marketing.


Depending on your goals and  demographic, we will choose the best tactics to achieve the best PR results. Each PR strategy will have set deadlines and KPIs to ensure you can accurately measure your success.


Once the strategy has been approved, the fun begins and we start bringing our ideas and creative campaigns to life. It’s thrilling to see your campaigns in action and achieving successful results. 


It’s true what they say, behind every great brand story you see in the media is a great PR strategy.



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