Our work with Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel

December 08, 2021



How a word-of-mouth client referral led to a brief, a repositioning project and two exclusive lifestyle and trade interviews with Mark & Sherene Fuller from the Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel.  


There’s never anything better than a casual client referral, which leads us to hitting the jackpot with an exceptional story to tell of two wonderful people.

It is always a privilege to work on any business story, but it is even better when the tale is full of drama, high-profile reputations and an iconic Soho institution at its heart. For us, this came in early Summer’21 when Siren Comms took a call from the well-known hotelier & restauranteur Mark Fuller who said we’d been recommended by another client, My Local Kitchen. Mark and his talented wife, Sherene, had spent lockdown fighting to keep their mini-chain of hotels in business. Fuller wanted to discuss working with Siren to talk to about the recent renovation of his iconic Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel. This included a £100,000 refresh of the Karma Sanctum Soho venue and the launch of the Wild Heart Bar & Shokudo restaurant, a casual-dining Japanese restaurant fronted by Gary Hollihead, headliner chef respected throughout the culinary world.


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Although, the newly refurbished hotel and Japanese restaurant were truly lovely, boasting an incredible location and a very exclusive clientele, the competition for media attention as the world opened up after lockdown was high. Brand new hotels, restaurants and bars opening were opening around the same time –we were initially hesitant, on the basis that the media were also ‘coming back’ to life after the deathly winter that we had all experienced. And so counselled very strategic story placement in influential media that would make an impact.

Mark and Sherene were brilliant clients. They knew their stuff and were realistic about what they wanted. They knew their ‘revamped property’ wouldn’t be the first story the media would want to run. However, Siren’s ability to talk straight, fast and really ‘get’ the client built instant chemistry of trust and understanding. There was no need to talk down or talk up, the Fullers knew exactly what they wanted from Siren and we were able to advise openly on what we thought was possible and how together we could land the right story to bring business to them.

The results really do speak for themselves, and once again demonstrate Siren’s ability to land a few golden pieces the client was delighted with. Our work with Karma Sanctum Soho shows that when an agency-client relationship works, the PR magic can still happen.


Take a look at our Karma Sanctum showreel here: