Launching a brand – setting up digital channels

June 28, 2021

In this day and agethe majority of the population are using social media daily whether to communicate with friends, find inspiration or buy products straight from our news feeds. Subsequently, as a company launches so should their digital channels in order to make a splash from the get-go. 


Siren has extensive experience in helping clients across various industries whether that be B2B, FMCG, hospitality, lifestyle or travel and will always include a digital marketing strategy in conjunction with more traditional PR to ensure maximum impact. One of the first things that we do is review their key brand positioning and who they want to target – age, gender, job role (if B2B) and interests. We always aim for their social media channel to be an extension of their brand ensuring it mirrors all other comms that goes out. 


The decision on which platform to use very much depends on which audience you want to target. Several of our clients use a variety of platforms with slightly different messaging in order to reach slightly different target audiences. 


For example, if you want to reach millennials and Gen Z’s, Instagram is essential as 83% of its users have discovered new products or services on this platform. 


The next thing to think about is what content will you share. It is always worthwhile doing a competitor audit and reviewing what similar companies are doing so that you can differentiate yourself and present your USP’s. Are they choosing to be entirely service or product-focused or are they showing industry experience and developing brand authority? No one wants to engage with a channel which is entirely sales-driven, so plan to vary your posts with topical discussions or relevant awareness/national days. In order to keep the copy varied, we at Siren develop weekly content schedules on behalf of our clients as well as adapting our upcoming plan on the results of monthly social media reports, in order to generate copy which is going to have the greatest impact. 


The tone of this content needs to reflect the brand’s personality – are you a start-up poking fun at an outdated industry or are you an established and respected brand? 

If you are after authority within your remit, the natural place for your content is LinkedIn. This channel uses the tagline of ‘do business where business is done’ and is a fantastic place for B2B brands to attract attention and convert sales. Our client’s which use this channel are keen to position themselves as a thought-leader and we often write opinion pieces on their behalf commenting on industry news services. This works particularly well for personal profiles and works very well in coordination with pitching your clients for business profile editorial slots. 




As users are generally in the business mindset as they scroll through the platform, we encourage our clients not to be shy and use up most of the 1,300 characters that you are permitted for each post. However, the first 2-3 lines must be interesting and punchy in order to draw the reader in. Using this channel has resulted in great success for our clients such as Whoosh, a travel-tech client who are seeing monthly increases in reactions on their posts by over 25%, especially as we have become more active on the CEO’s profile which is guiding users towards the company’s page. 


Also, for 18 months, we have been working on Tim Davis' from PACE Dimensons LinkedIn. This is a  management consultancy firm specialising in travel and hospitality and through this channel we have placed leadership bite sized comments, with click throughs to the full thought-leadership on the website. During this year and a half period we have reached 18,200 people organically with both engagement and followers to the page steadily increasing month-on-month. 


Imagery must also be consistent alongside the colour scheme used on your website and logo. Instagram is visually led; by clicking onto a brand’s page, customers instantly develop an impression or a brand’s aesthetic through the appearance of their page. For example, our client Delphis Eco is an eco-cleaning brand, their page has engaging and creative content that speaks to their audience and reflects their brand values while highlighting the current issues of the planet and the sea. Moreover, Yondu is an all-natural umami seasoning sauce which focuses on the #JoyofVeg. Consequently, Yondu’s instagram consists of images of vibrant vegetarian recipes full of colour. 




Now that you’ve pressed ‘publish’ on your first post, what should you do to get the ball rolling and the likes flooding in?  


Follow key industry people; whether that be influencers you might like to work with in the future or brands that you would love to have as a client. It is vital to interact and engage with these accounts regularly to keep an eye on what important figures are doing and to generate reach. Also, don’t be afraid to put money behind posts and boost them as from just the price of a sandwich you can expand your reach exponentially. Once the account is up and running and you’re in a good flow, you won’t need to pay as everyone will love it!  




Different channels have different optimum amounts to post to get the widest reach, but it is generally considered that once a day on each platform will result in a steady rise of followers and likes. 


We also share research with our clients in the schedules we provide, suggesting which hashtags are best to use, this is also a great way to increase your audience. However, it is very important to only use appropriate ones and to not spam. For example, Yondu continues to gain notoriety within the vegan community using hashtags such as #VeganFollowbackMonday which is frequently visited by its target audience. 


If you want to hear more about how to make the most of the digital options available, get in touch here.