The power of PR in selling home-delivery services

April 07, 2021

There are many reasons a brand or individual would seek to work with a PR agency; crisis management, reputation management, launching a brand new product, re-engaging with customers, and one of the most common reasons during lockdown – looking to shift product and keep sales going whilst the physical doors to the public remained firmly closed.  


Over the last year, being able to cut through the hard Covid-19 led news cycle has been a difficult task for many. Amongst the endless government announcements, travel news taking over the breaking-news circuit and traditional lifestyle features being replaced with news-led updates, keeping a lifestyle brand in the press undoubtedly may have seemed overwhelming and daunting to many business owners. However, this is where the light shone through the darkness and home-delivery services became the unexpected heroes as our lockdown 1.1 turned into lockdown 1.2 and 1.3, and oh how the press celebrated them.  


From the weird to the wonderful, wine delivery services, the unexpected beauty package from a best friend, a lock-down beer survival kit, another new plant for the windowsill or yet another loungewear set; you can never have enough during lockdown! - home-delivery services really have saved the day. And thankfully for us at Siren, we had the pleasure of representing some of the best and most wonderful brands looking and wanting to deliver their products to customers, new and old, across the nation. 

Selling online – why  use PR?  

 As media and publishing houses adapted to the changes and restrictions of Covid-19, journalists across the board changed positions and even teams; in some case full editorial teams completely shifted their focus and with that, shifted the whole pitching process for brands. It has now became more crucial than ever for brands to have a representative that can dedicate time to ensure their news and information is reaching the right people – because unlike before, their media contact may not be there or available anymore. In our recent blog ‘How PR has helped food and drink brands  thrive in  lockdown’ we reviewed additional ways in which the media landscape has shifted and highlighting why the role of PR has become more crucial than ever in helping brands remain in business during such a tough time.  


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PR delivers tangible results as brand sales increase  

Overnight, the PR focus switched from redirecting consumers from physical shops to online sales and that was the case for many of our clients including, The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, a family-run, independent cheese dairy located in Somerset creating the only authentic artisanal Cheddar in Cheddar, and for Holy Island Gin, an independent gin distillery in Northumberland. 


 For these brands, storytelling was key as an effective way for consumers to form an emotional connection with brand and encouraging them to seek out these brands and use them in their own home.  


For The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company and Holy Island Ginwe told their brand stories through the eyes of key media and influencers. Being independently run was an important USP for each brand, we put the people behind the business at the forefront of all communications and this helped to build that emotional connection between brand and consumer. We see time and time again and as showcased here, people buy people over product.  


Rather than interview placements with the team, our strategy was based around product trials. We engaged and worked with leading media titles  including  The Express, OK! Magazine and The Telegraph alongside social media influencers such as the talented caterer and Chef Milly Taylor who promoted The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company’s range of sustainably produced cheddar cheeses across her social channels. 


Securing coverage in leading media titles that have both targeted and high outreach is key. Our coverage for  The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company  resulted in a  surge in online sales, for example, there was a 200% increase in daily sales following one piece of social media coverage. This ultimately  has helped keep the business running.  Whilst  in the case of  Holy Island Gin, their stocks completely ran dry, forcing them to increase production.    


Home deliveries have now become such an integral part of our lives and one that we do not anticipate will losappeal. For more examples of how PR can help your businesstake a look at our  case studies and client reviews  and get in touch with us at  so we can have a chat about how we can help build awareness of your home delivery service and increase your online sales, allowing you to smash your business and brand objectives.  



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