How PR can turbo charge the tech sector

March 03, 2021

Coronavirus had undoubtedly accelerated the structural shift towards our reliance on technology. Consumers now shop, work and socialise online and even as we prepare for the post-Covid world, this dependence is unlikely to change.  


The team at Siren Comms early on recognised the necessity of embracing the digital transformation and subsequently aided some smaller tech firms in standing out in a crowded space and reacting to the quickly changing news agenda.  


There is plenty of room for SMEs in this industry which encourage digital disruption and innovation, these include our clients PACE DimensionsCodeGen and Whoosh




Our capable team has worked with B2B travel-tech firms throughout the pandemic as they prepare for what’s hoped to be a tourism boom this summer. Our knowledge of the travel-tech sector has guided success for PACE Dimensions which provides consultancy and investment research for blue-chip clients such as Hilton, Hyatt and Radisson. We have positioned Tim Davis, CEO and founder, as a thought-leader, and recently helped relaunch the brand with a new website look and feel to build on the brand strategygaining coverage in key trade publications such as Hospitality Insider, Travolution and ITCM. 


CodeGen is a long-term client whose awareness we have been key in driving. We provide press office services and have previously handled increasing CodeGen’s media exposure at international trade conferences. We also manage their social media in order to maintain a consistent voice of thought-leadership and relevance. This firm provides a software solution for travel and tourism companiesrecently celebrating 20 years in this growing sector, and delivers an end-to-end business solution for clients such as Virgin and Kuoni 




Whoosh is one of Siren’s newest clients and represents what we are passionate about – the joy of travelling whilst promoting environmentally friendly options. The business launched to provide on-board entertainment and has recently pivoted to launch its Real-Time Journey Dashboard which provides bespoke travel information through QR-tech and will be launching across major operators in the upcoming months. We are working closely with Whoosh to create its key brand messaging, introducing the business to media, building social presence and using our extensive knowledge of the sector to place Whoosh at the forefront of the train industry as we go back to rail travel whether that be for work or play.  


Our in-depth knowledge of the tech-sphere is only growing as we help digitalise other clients to react to the world’s ever changing business climate. These include helping to promote interior designer, Benji Lewis’ unique Zoom That Room platform, and launching AI-based accessible tech with the RealSAM Smart Speaker.  


If you would like to speak to us about how we can help your tech-based business standout, get in touch. 


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