Remote Working Internship

February 17, 2021

After graduating from Newcastle University with a film and media degree, the challenging economic environment made it difficult for students like me to commence in their job search. Therefore, I joined Siren to gain valuable work experience, which would help me to further my knowledge in a work environment and provide myself with industry knowledge.


While I’ve only been at Siren for a few months, working remotely was something that, before this opportunity came along, I never saw myself doing. For the last three years, my degree has involved going into the lecture theatre, filming and interacting with people, and so to work a 9-5 job in my living room came as a shock to me. However, it’s something which has benefited me greatly, I feel more productive as I wake up earlier and have no distractions throughout the day.


I have devised my own routine which includes taking regular tea breaks to stretch my legs and eating in a different room to get a change of scenery. Communication with the team was something I thought I wouldn’t get to experience much working from home. Although, the team meetings and calls throughout the day kept team communication timely and valuable. So, although being onboarded and working remotely was daunting to begin with, there were many perks and it has allowed me to make my work-life balance more manageable. As a plus, it has meant my environmental impact has reduced as I haven't been tempted by a morning coffee on my usual commute - an area the Siren team are working so hard to improve in.


My top three areas I've enjoyed as a PR intern at Siren:


For me, the best part about working at Siren is the opportunity to be creative every day while being surrounded by like-minded people. Being able to bring my design attributes to the team is something that I have thoroughly enjoyed. From social posts to client Halloween quizzes, putting my creative skills to the test has been exciting as there is something new and different to immerse myself in every day. Siren is continuously evolving and I've loved being able to bring a new set of skills to the team and allow the offering for our clients to expand at the same time.


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Throughout the day, my main focus is on a range of different research tasks, this includes daily news updates, market research and organisational tasks. I’ve found that to work in PR you need to be able to multitask and swap and change between several varied jobs throughout the day, this is where my organisational skills have been challenged. It’s something which I have enjoyed as it feels like I have had a real input in helping the agency and has meant that no two days at Siren are ever the same.


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The working environment and nature of the team at Siren has allowed me to truly invest in the workday and gain all-round exposure to different aspects, completing a range of tasks and projects which benefited myself and the company. Although I was supported by team members, an exciting element of work experience was being able to spend a couple of hours in the day to express my own findings to support colleagues to ensure they meet their objectives.


Working here is fast-paced but very rewarding, assisting in bringing in new clients, ensuring consistent media presence, and seeing engagement increase and client media exposure gives a sense of achievement and makes me excited for another day of work. Siren has achieved some incredible results since I've been part of the team and it makes me so proud to be a part of the dedicated team here.


Anya Pashaeva

Creative Content Executive at Siren Comms



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