What is PR and what is the role of a PR agency?

July 12, 2021

There isn’t much in the world of business that hasn’t been effected by Covid-19, and as businesses emerge from an extended period of uncertainty they are increasingly relying on public relations to help them achieve their goals.


This is demonstrated by the expansion of the global PR market which is expected to grow from $88.13 billion in 2020 to $97.13 billion in 2021. As more and more businesses turn to PR to help guide them through this period, the question of what is PR, and what can it do for you, has never been more important.


The textbook definition of public relations is “the management of images, reputation and the public’s perception of an individual or brand” or “the business of giving the public information about a particular organisation or person in order to create a good impression”.


PR professionals help a business cultivate a positive reputation with the public through various unpaid, or earned, communications, including traditional media, social media, and in-person engagements. They also support clients and their reputation during a crisis that could threaten their credibility by ensuring they are prepared.


The word ‘public’ in ‘public relations’ already depicts that the job involves working with different groups of ‘target public,’ including clients, media and employees. And PR is often thrown in as an ‘arm of’ marketing and advertising. Although it can overlap and/or support a marketing team’s efforts, it isn’t synonymous with them. The purpose of PR is to change the public’s mindset, which can lead to a change in consumer behaviour toward the brand.


What can PR do for you?


Agreeing on a definition of PR and what a PR agency is or isn’t frankly doesn’t really matter all that much. What does matter, is what a PR agency can do for you, what it can deliver and if the team working at the agency has genuine knowledge and passion for your business coupled with strong online communications and PR experience to deliver positive commercial return for you. A good PR agency works in partnership with its clients who challenge them every day to deliver their best work.


In a Coronavirus world, creative story telling is more important than ever and finding the right partner is even more important. Siren Comms is an agency built to deliver results. As an agency we are typically called in by comms and PR teams who have become frustrated by the level of experience within their existing agency. Some tell us they need a more digitally savvy consultancy whilst others just need a better return on PR investment.


Our clients range from start-up entrepreneurs to industry stalwarts, with brands big and small. We have worked across transport, travel, food, drink, lifestyle and attraction clients. 


We are a small team working closely with a hand-picked network of partners that keeps us nimble, agile and affordable as we pull in only the right partner for any specific client need. This includes influencer campaigns, digital PR and SEO support through to thought leadership and events.


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The results of a great PR team


Take a look at some of the stand-out campaigns we have delivered that work a marketing budget hard to drive tangible results and deliver against critical KPIs.


Highlights of the past few months include helping to ensure the announcement that two huge brands in their own right – Thames Clippers and Uber – were coming together to achieve maximum exposure, supporting local food and drink clients Pilgrims Coffee and Holy Island Gin. This coupled with providing expert crisis comms support and more during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic for many clients.


We supported a regional surf school with exposure and supported Free Masketeers with their new campaign allowing UK businesses to give back and provide masks to those most in need. The initiative makes use of the leftover fabric from London hotel uniforms and NHS approved scrubs whilst supporting charities across the UK. For every 50 masks ordered, 10 masks are donated to charities who need them the most.


Our award-winning team offers clients a perfect blend of breadth of thinking and sector expertise which spans food, drink, luxury, hospitality, wellness, travel, transport and not-for-profit NGO and Charity to name but a few.


We’ve strong relationships across Europe and the US; whilst creatively we work with agencies across media buying, research, brand, digital, video and content.


If you are interested in a chat to understand a little more how the team at Siren Comms can help support your business and its ambitions, drop us a line to find out more.