Siren becomes carbon neutral

December 13, 2021

It’s official! Siren Comms is carbon neutral. Our mission is to do the BEST for our people, our clients, our business and the planet. Our results show our realised efforts as we have actually reduced our carbon footprint over the last year and are now carbon neutral! 


How we reduced our carbon emissions  

Siren Comms is based in Somerset House. We use 100% renewable energy and send zero waste to landfill.  


We also have a travel/transport policy which encourages all our employees, clients and network to use public transport wherever possible to get to the office and meetings. 


As a business, we also choose suppliers that have a minimal impact on the planet. This includes Seacourt for our printing needs and XeroE for carbon neutral media drops and deliveries. Lastly, any long-distance train trips, we book through Trainhugger, who plant a tree for every booking made. 


Carbon reducing activities  

Once we had reduced all we could, we looked to take responsibility for the carbon that we produce and is harder to limit. This includes our digital emissions, like emails and how all team Siren travels into the office. Once all measured and calculated using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, we looked into carbon reducing activities, to proactively offset our emissions. We selected Climate Care as our partner in this. Our offset has helped with the following projects:  

    • Planting local trees with Emilie's Wood Woodland Creation in England  
    • Making sustainable bricks for new homes in Malawi with 14Trees  
    • Creating carbon neutral cookstoves in Ghana  
    • Investing in water purification in Kenya 
    • Investing in solar energy in India  
    • Creating rural biogas in Vietnam  

We are looking forward to continuing our sustainability journey, finding ways to further reduce our impact and continuing to do the BEST for the planet.