Our Siren Sustainability Pledge

January 07, 2021


An introduction...

Amidst the Covid turmoil that began in 2020, increasing our sustainable approach to living and business has been a key focus and one the entire team Siren has engaged in for many years. We have worked tirelessly on developing a foundation within Siren on which we can build upon to develop and enhance our positive impa
ct on the planet, its nature, animals and fellow humans.


So now that we have marked a new year, we are ready and excited to listen harder, learn quicker and live better as we will collectively dedicate even more time to our 2021 pledge of becoming sustainably smarter.


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The story thus far...

In 2020 we were thrilled to submit our application for the UN Compact Agreement and the renowned and much respected Corporation B accreditation, something we look forward to completing this year. We updated our travel policies to be focused on always finding the  most effective and least impactful routes for our teams, we embraced zero waste living supplying all team members with reusable office-use cutlery and our donation to the Orangutan Foundation allowed us to take a step towards protecting the habitat crucial for the survival of these animals and the further prevention of global warming.






However, the story of Siren's commitment to sustainability goes back beyond the year 2020...


In the early years of 2000, Siren launched the WWF’s first ever briefing to the London Stock exchange setting out the need for investment in renewable energy delivering 500 analysts and investors, something which then went on to travel around Europe.


Concurrently we promoted the World Land Trust for two years in our embryonic days in business. Working to place stories around their work to protect key land that was essential for protecting biodiversity in conservational important places.


We have also worked alongside the CLA; Wood Land Trust and WWF Europe. 


Through our work with the business travel community and brands, we have developed an early and deep working knowledge of the importance for business of creating sustainable and responsible travel policies – this rose to a height pre-2008 when offsetting was in its initial ascendancy and then became less of a priority as businesses navigated the post 2008 crash 


As representatives for international NGOs in UK and Europe, Siren’s team has seen the impact of climate change first-hand through our work to support natural disasters preparedness and recovery strategies from the significant impact from tropical storms, ash clouds, hurricanes, Tsunami’s and flooding. Our working with Caribbean islands and the coast around the Great Barrier Reef has embedded conservation into our thinking.


Working with innovative transport, motoring, airline, train and bus companies has delivered a more recent working knowledge of the critical issues involved in marketing communications in this space.  Our recent work with organic vegetable umami brand Yondu has also given us the inside track on what’s going on in the trending plant- rich world of nutrition, one that is set to grow exponentially in the coming years.


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Onwards and upwards...

In the coming months of this new year, we will be launching our internal sustainability charter dedicated to investing more time from the Siren team into our own business and that of our clients sustainability developments, furthermore, allocating a proportion of our profits to supporting these initiatives.


Our strong belief and driving force in all that we do at Siren, is to ‘do the right thing’ for our clients, our business, our people and, the planet. The mixed experience and skill-set of our team has been and will continue to be used to address and improve the impact that our business and that of our clients has on the world. We look forward to working hard and moving forward to doing the right thing’ for the one and only, shared health of our world.


As practising sustainability has become a must-do rather than a nice-to-do, it is important that businesses will truly know how to walk the talk in an authentic manner that pays service to the planet and their business at the same time.



Let your expert Siren team guide you through the communications and positioning process of developing your business to becoming a more sustainably led organisation, appealing to a new generation of audiences that deem sustainability to be a necessity in any business they engage with.


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