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We’re dangerous because we’re honest

May 11, 2021

'You’re dangerous ‘cause you’re honest' was the first line of U2, ‘Who’s gonna ride your wild...

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A fling versus long term commitment – trying a new lifestyle PR agency on for size

January 13, 2021



Free Time

January 27, 2020

Free time, leisure time, me time, you time, us time, family time, down time, pleasure time,...

Siren PR newyear

New Year's Travel Resolutions

January 03, 2020

The Sirens have finished the festive season and in that time we have devoured our own body...

Siren 12daysofchristmas Barbados roadshow

On the Ninth day of Christmas_ The Taste of Barbados Roadshow

December 21, 2019

September saw  the second phase of ‘The Taste of Barbados Roadshow’ from long standing client...

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