July 02, 2020

As we surpassed 100 days of lockdown this week, the good news continued to flow.


From giant street dinner parties where lockdown restrictions have ended to school lessons in teepee tents, read on for this week’s heart-warming stories:


Broadway musical Hamilton hits Disney+ this week


We’ve mentioned it before in our Good News round-up, but in case you missed it – Hamilton is coming to Disney+ this Friday! We’ve been patiently waiting for this moment for the past six weeks and it has certainly flown by. Our weekend plans include watching the show’s creator and the rest of the original Broadway cast perform the musical phenomenon.


One of Britain’s oldest residents beats coronavirus


102-year-old great-grandmother Mary Catterall tested positive for coronavirus in May and it was feared she may not survive. Five weeks later, she is well and truly on the road to recovery and credits the staff at her care home for her recovery. You go, Mary!


National Gallery set to re-open


After 111 days of closure, the National Gallery will be the first major museum to open its doors as it welcomes the public next week (8 July).  While there may be added safety measures and one-way art routes, we welcome the idea of exploring the treasures in quieter surrounds. Make sure you book your slot online in advance!


Creative teaching


Teachers across the nation are finding inventive ways to ensure social distancing at their schools – with one teacher in Cardiff moving her year five class to inside a teepee style tent. We hate to be the ones to quote Lizzie McGuire, but this is what childhood dreams are made of!


Prague held ‘farewell party’ for coronavirus pandemic


Hundreds of people gathered on Prague’s Charles Bridge to celebrate the end of the Czech Republic’s lockdown. The street party included a giant group dinner with tables spanning an impressive 500 metres. Keeping with the sense of ‘we’re all in this together’, attendees brought along food, drinks and flowers as the clinking of glasses and live performances filled the streets in a ‘symbollic farewell’ to coronavirus.