July 23, 2020

Here’s the latest roundup of our favourite positive news stories from the week … featuring the excitement that even more venues are starting to reopen, including some of our favourite restaurants, as well as a number of leisure facilities.


Read on below to brighten up your day…


Captain Tom Moore knighted by the Queen and jokes: 'If I kneel down I'll never get up again'


Very well deserved from the nation’s hero, Captain Tom Moore – he received a knighthood after raising a total of £32.7million for NHS charities! He even cracked a joke with the queen, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We salute you Sir Tom.


Coronavirus vaccine could be 'sped up' for Christmas rollout


We won’t get our hopes up just yet – however the reports from experts and researchers at Oxford University are looking positive for a Covid-19 vaccine after promising trial results. A little bit of good news that we all needed to hear… and fingers crossed it’s in time for the festive season.


McDonald’s re-opens 700 restaurants for eat-in


Over the last few weeks, the media has been repeatedly reporting the struggles that the hospitality industry is currently facing due to social distancing requirements. However, we are thrilled to see that more restaurants are now starting to reopen again – including McDonalds, Dishoom and even brand-new restaurants launching. This is what we want to hear!


Huge smiley face projected onto the Houses of Parliament


On the eve of World Emoji Day, a giant smiley face image was projected onto the Houses of Parliament, spreading an uplifting message of positivity. A smile goes a long way and we’re sure this move would have put a smile on the faces of patients at St Thomas’ Hospital across the river!