January 14, 2021

With the new year upon as and a need for positive news stories now more than ever, we thought it was time to re-instate our popular #goodnewssiren blogs.

Following on from our Sustainability Pledge, it was only fair that we kick this week’s good news off with some positive environmental stories.


Two teenage boys on a mission to rewild Britain with reptiles


We’re forever inspired by the younger generations and their work to not just maintain our planet, but to make it a better place. This week, The Guardian reported on two 17-year-olds who, while studying for their A-levels and living through a pandemic, have created a start-up dedicated to restoring reptile and amphibian species that are either virtually extinct or have been declared extinct in the UK. Harvey and Tom will soon be opening Celtic Reptile & Amphibian where they breed more than 20 different species and aim to create “a vital link between these usually overlooked species, helping in the eventuality of their conservation”. And at the end of the Guardian article they have shared their tips for how we can all help to encourage a thriving environment for reptiles and amphibians in our gardens. Bravo guys! 👏


2020 was the UK’s ‘greenest year on record’

In an article from the Independent, last year saw the UK’s average carbon intensity reaching a new low. During spring, Britain saw its longest run since the industrial revolution generating electricity without using coal – stretching almost 68 days! On Christmas Day, the UK experienced its first-ever coal-free Christmas, and zero-carbon sources powered over half of the nation’s electricity demands. It’s an exciting time and the progress we’re seeing keeps us optimistic that the UK will be operating carbon free by 2025! 🙌


Veganuary sees a record number of sign ups


One of the silver linings of a global pandemic has been a greater emphasis on looking after our planet and sustainability. Scientists (and Sir David Attenborough!) have said that one of the best ways that individuals can make a difference is through adopting a plant-based diet. Therefore, it is great to see that this January over 500,000 people have signed up to Veganuary, which is over double the figures of 2019 according to the Guardian. Well done to all those who are giving it a go for various reasons and positively impacting the planet! 🥦


Greta Thunberg features on Swedish postage stamp


Environmental activist and all-round legend, Greta Thunberg, has been featured on a new Swedish postage stamp in recognition of her work. The wider series features some of the 16 environmental quality goals recently drawn up by the Swedish government and we think it’s a lovely reminder to the citizens of Sweden each time they receive a letter. If only we could get them here! 💌