the weekly #goodnewssiren round-up #33

November 20, 2020


This week we have more positive news on a vaccine, which means that it could be coming to the UK as early as next week!


Read on for more of this week's good news roundup:


Britain helps the World's most remote inhabited islands to establish the biggest marine sancturary in the Atlantic.


Governments and ecological organisations have created the fourth-largest marine protected area on Earth and the largest in the Atlantic Ocean. Tristan da Cunha is almost three times as big as the United Kingdom and will save tens of millions of animals inlcuding native and migratory birds, rare migratory sharks, whales, seals, penguins as well as golden undersea forests of kelp. This will be done with the goal in mind of securing the“protection of 30% of the world's oceans by 2030."


The second Covid-19 vaccine shows encouraging results: 94% effective and no freezer needed!


 In the UK, we could be expecting to get a vaccine distributed as early as the end of November. The study of which involved 30,000 people based in the United States, when the first 95 volunteers to develop COVID-19 symptoms were analysed , only five of the cases were in people who had been given the vaccine, compared to 90 who merely received a placebo replacement.


Man opens up his Home to shelter 300 dogs from a hurricane.


Ricardo Pimentel herded hundreds of animals into his home as deadly Hurricane Delta bore down on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, tearing a path of destruction directly to his door. He saved more than 300 dogs, numerous rabbits, chickens, and even a hedgehog, bringing them nside his home to shelter them from the storm (all whilst a flock of sheep huddled for safety on the patio). Once the storm had passed, with so many mouths to feed and a major post-storm clean-up underway, Pimentel didn't realise his social media posts had gone viral until donations from around the world started pouring in. Not only that, neighbours soon arrived in the aftermath of the hurricane to help clear debris and rebuild the sanctuary.


Researchers make biodegradable tableware from sugar and bamboo.


Scientists have designed a set of "green" tableware made from sugarcane waste and bamboo that does not sacrifice convenience or functionality and could potentially serve as an alternative to plastic cups and other single-use products. This new manufacturing process emits 97% less CO2 than standard commercial plastic products! Unlike traditional plastic or biodegradable polymers‚ which can take 450 years or require high temperatures to break down,—this non-toxic, eco-friendly material can take only 60 days!


Plymouth couple reunited with wedding album after 20 years


A "priceless" wedding album that was thought to be lost has been reunited with its rightful owners 20 years later. After the album was discovered in an attic, it was posted about on a local Facebook group. The couple were reunited with the album after the social media status had been shared nearly 8,000 times! It is the only record of their wedding, and the couple who had been married for 39 years were 'absolutely over the moon.'