Why do you need integrated content campaigns?

May 24, 2021

Integrated campaign – it’s more than just one of those marketing buzzwordsWhen you’re planning any kind of marketing activity, you should be thinking across channels to maximise the return on your investment.  


That means not thinking in silos, or sharing the same marketing brief to separate agencies (your media buying agency, digital agency, PR agency… etc.) and asking them to tackle it independentlyAll marketing and PR should be working hand-in-hand, singing in harmony from the same hymn sheet. 


We’ve talked before about what an integrated campaign is, and gave you some examples of successful integrated campaigns we’re proud to have worked on here at Siren. We’ve also talked more specifically about how making sure your SEO and PR working together can deliver real impact, but looking at this more broadly, fully integrating your marketing campaigns delivers real tangible results. How? 


Ensuring message consistency across your marketing channels 


The most basic of advantages to this aligning of resources is that you can ensure your messaging is consistent across the board – across owned, earned and paid media – and any one piece complements the activity taking place within all other marketing channels. 


The idea is that consumers will build their awareness from across their media consumption and are more likely to take away the key messaging you hope they will when their habits mean you’ve been able to layer your targeting.  


Amplify your marketing message 


If you stick to one channel, you limit the chances of the end consumer coming away with your messaging making impact, or even having interpreted the brand message accurately.  


So, for example, depending on the campaign, your target consumer will have seen your television advert, read about your campaign in a magazine interview feature with your celebrity ambassador, engaged with an influencer you’re working with and had all the campaign messaging reinforced when they visit your brand website or look you up on social 


The right combination, across the right outlets, using the right tactics ensures your target audience receives the right messages at the right time across whichever media they are consuming.  

So, this doesn’t mean you can’t play to your marketing team or comms agencies’ strengths 


There is no one size fits all. We’re certainly not saying that all marketing campaigns must take the same shape and involve absolutely everyone in marketing, PR and digital. We’re simply stressing that a joined up approach is the most powerful. 


Ultimately, think about what channels will best suit the messaging you want to get across.  




How do you balance your integrated campaign? 


This is where a comms agency is worth its weight in goldWith so many channel options open to you it’s easy to fall into one of two traps:  


    • You could find one channel that once bore fruit for your business and continually put all of your eggs in that basket, without seeing what other impacts could be had down other routes.  
    • Or, you could spread yourself too thinly (we know budgets are never endless) and try to hit all possible avenues but run the risk of not seeing any real effect from any individual channel because not enough was invested there. 


Avoiding these pitfalls and building a successful integrated media strategy requires extensive industry knowledge and expertise. Knowing exactly how best to target a particular audience at a particular time and taking into account the current environment and relevant trends is a skilled role. But employing an experienced comms agency will ensure that the most effective routes to your audience are maximised and deliver tangible business results. 


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